123 sq ft roll Beaulieu Landon 75oz Scotchgard Carpet

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Price is for one roll 10' 4"x 12' or 123 sq ft, colour: Oat Bread. Free Delivery anywhere in the Kootenays, Columbia Valley, Bow Valley, and Calgary. Kootenay Customers north of Edgewater and south of Canal Flats please allow for longer delivery times. Other areas please Contact Us for freight quotes anywhere in Canada and USA.

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Style name: Landon

Colour: Oat Bread

Collection: Tryesse

Construction: Cut Pile Frieze

Fiber type: 100% BCF Solution Dyed Polyester

Pattern repeat: NA

Backing: Woven Polypropylene


Magic Fresh:

Magic Fresh is a natural, odour-reducing carpet treatment that is exclusive to Beaulieu. It works by breaking down common household odours such as pets, food and cigarette smoke, leaving your living spaces clean and fresh. Magic Fresh does not simply mask odours, but chemically absorbs and decomposes them over a period of time. The self-renewing formula is applied directly to the carpet fibres during the manufacturing process and remains effective for the life of your carpet.


A natural odor neutralizer exclusive to Beaulieu Canada. It's eco-friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals, making it easy for you and your family to enjoy every moment in the comfort of your home.

    • Fast-acting and fragrance-free treatment
    • Captures and breaks down odors
    • Shortens the time it takes for common household odors to disappear
    • Keeps your carpet fresh longer


3M Scotchgard™ Protector is a barrier treatment that is applied directly around each individual fibre during the manufacturing process. This carpet treatment provides superb protection against dirt and stains.

Green Label Plus

Carpet can be wrongly blamed for contributing to asthma and allergy and for emitting high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Studies have shown that carpet is better at trapping allergens than hard surface, such as tile or hardwood, because carpet fibres catch particles and allergens that fall to the floor. When allergens are trapped in the carpet, they cannot circulate in the air for you to breathe. Proper cleaning with a CRI-tested and approved vacuum effectively sucks up the dirt and dust from the carpet, locks it in the machine and keeps it out of the air. Look for the Green Label when purchasing your next carpet!

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